📀Locked NFT-E

NFT Economy

  1. Locked NFT-E is an NFT product that is issued as a custody deposit. Locked NFT-E will be formatted as a special asset NFT.

  2. Deposit of investment capital is a form of commitment to return the original reference value when participating in the purchase of Locked NFT-E after a certain time. During the ownership period of Locked NFT-E, partners will receive 6-10%/APR interest when the project is officially released.

  3. Locked NFT-E can be bought and sold at will on any blockchain marketplace. However, if the Locked NFT-E is enabled to sell, the contract of custody commitment will terminate and the NFT-E buyer will not receive any interest based on the subsequent APR.

  4. After the expiration of the Locked NFT-E investment, the entire initial investment amount will be returned to the Locked NFT-E wallet address in the form of tokens. The reference value is equivalent to the initial value of Locked NFT-E. Refund will be automatically through Smart Contract.

For example, NFT-E (0xM1ADvb23DxcA...) is worth $1,000 and at expiration all $1,000 worth of TNT tokens will be returned to Locked NFT-E holders as TnT tokens.

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