➡️Meet The Team


Kyle Kim


  • CEO SPLabs.

  • CEO Dream Communications.

  • CEO Seoul Mobile Communications.

  • CEO Shinsegi Mobile.

  • Deputy CEO of SK Telecom.

  • CEO Distribution Business.

  • Development of P2P exchange platform.

  • Founder CEO Hcoin P2P exchange.

  • COO/Co-Founder Sp-exchange.

Tracy Nguyen


  • COO Splabs

  • COO Gatekeeper

  • COO InfinityAngel, Stepwatch project

Nam Nguyen


  • CTO Blockchain Era.

  • Class 5, deep clearning-based smart glass development for the visually impaired.

  • Netus development manager.

  • Raon Plus Co., Ltd., Raon Entertainment Co., Ltd. Samsung Project and Japan.

  • Commseed “Select” project development manager.

Maison Lee


  • Listing / IEO Bitget exchange

  • Ambassador Korea Coinmarketcap

  • CEO KlayDAO

  • Asset manager Huobi exchange

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