➡️How To Earn

Ways to Earn through AirTnT:

  • Using the service and completing reviews, experiences, and sharing can easily earn TnT tokens

  • Users can become Planners to set up short-term scheduling programs at each location and connect with Butlers through AirTnT, from which they can share profits when customers use the service.

  • Users who are knowledgeable about guides or knowledgeable about tourist attractions, sightseeing in each locality can register to become Planner Butlers, from which they can easily earn extra income when guiding guests. customers using Planner's services.

  • Through AirTnT's social network, users can share their beautiful travel photos and pack them into NFT for sale on our Marketplace to collectors.

  • Users can become Creators to create videos/content about travel by location and can sell them or become Reviewers to receive Donate from experienced users/fans etc.

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