AirTnT is a WEB 3.0 fitness and health mobile application that integrates NFT M2E and social networking elements.

Users can get rewards for walking, jogging or exercising while using the app. To participate in the exercise, users must have NFT-E or purchase NFT-E and have NFT-E in the linked Wallet. Users can mine cryptocurrencies and other NFTs in the platform by walking, running, exercising and using these items for later purposes. Users can trade tokens and NFTs through in-app activities and from app-based profits.

The social network integrated into AirTnT is a WEB 3.0 platform integrated with NFT.

AirTnT users can write their own workout articles, train other users, and more. The AirTnT platform focuses on content sharing, and users can package NFTs into self-written articles or posts and then share with their followers.

In the AirTnT social network, fans will be able to follow content creators, fans can search, reward creators with tokens or buy their content and include NFT in their collection .

**Staking NFT-E is unusable in M2E Zone.


By merging two NFT-Es of the same rank, the user can obtain a new NFT-E of current rarity, change the base attributes, or obtain a higher rarity NFT-E .

NFT-E merge cannot be canceled. Depending on the rank and rarity of NFT-E, the amount of TnT Tokens consumed will vary. It is not possible to merge 2 NFT-Es of different ranks.

Distance for each rank

1,000m is the limited mining distance for all levels of NFT-E. Mining can be increased through NFT-E merge. You can check the amount of mining through NFT-E through the link below. The minimum tier NFT-E that can be mined with M2E is Tier 3. It is designed so that users can make money through social activities as well as M2E.


When you complete 1000m, TNT mining is completed, and daily mining rewards are sent to your wallet. When mining is complete, Durability is reduced by 20. Also, if you do not use NFT for M2E for more than 48 hours, durability will decrease by 10. This is a function that helps users to repeat activities. When Durability becomes 0, mining stops and the ability to mine again through durability repair is created.

Cool Down

There would be 23Hour cool down system for the NFT-M2E Mode. It was not made to have 24 hour mode because it would be hard for users to join the mode on a specific time. As a resolution, our team has made it to have 23 Hour cool down so that users would have the chance to use the M2E mode on the time they would like to enjoy it.

TNT Move-to-Earn

NFT-E Tier

Amount of Earn


NFT-E Grand Master Tier

2860 TNT

23 Hours

NFT-E Master Tier

2120 TNT

23 Hours

NFT-E Tier 1

1000 TNT

23 Hours

NFT-E Tier 2

670 TNT

23 Hours

NFT-E Tier 3

185 TNT

23 Hours

NFT-E Tier 4

14 TNT

23 Hours

The amount of TNT token mining changes once a day (UTC 0:00) according to the AIRTNT token market price. (Followed by Gate.io)

** When there are multiple NFTs

When there are multiple NFT-Es, you can use the slot function. You can perform new mining by removing the installed NFT-E and installing another NFT-E. In the example above, after completing 1000m, remove the NFT-E installed in the slot, and continue mining while using the new NFT-E with remaining durability. The normal Cooldown time for each NFT-E is 23H, and the Cooldown function can be reduced through TNT tokens Pay in the future roadmap.

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