📕Social Fi

AirTnT's social network is a WEB3 platform with NFT integration. AirTnT users can freely share photos, reviews and other user guides while traveling, etc.

In this social space, when a user chooses a location anywhere, or where they are standing, the AirTnT platform will start distributing content, images, travel plans right near where that user intends to. taste. From there, travelers can explore and choose the most reasonable and interesting travel plan.

Users can download the AirTnT App, press the Like button to interact with the articles and support TnT tokens for their favorite Influencers. If you own a higher NFT-E, you can eliminate or reduce the donation fee used by users who use writing or streaming services to receive donations.

1. How to use Social-Fi (On-Going)

Claim Fee : This is the fee incurred when moving tokens to your wallet after you get tokens through Social-Fi.

Donate : It refers to the fee deducted according to the NFT Tier when posting articles, photos, videos, etc. and receiving donations from users.

**Notice Even without NFT, users can use xTNT to Earn. Users without NFT can earn xTNT when they like, view, share, or comment, and 10 xTNT will be swapped for 1 TNT.

2. NFT Minting Fee in Social-Fi on App (Pending)

NFT-E Tier

NFT Minting Fee

NFT-E Tier 4


NFT-E Tier 3


NFT-E Tier 2


NFT-E Tier 1


NFT-E Tier Master


3. Bonus parameters for Post Likes (Pending)

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