📒Multi-Function NFT

First Multi-Function NFT - AirTnT

Why is it called Multi-Function NFT?

  • AirTnT NFT would be able to M2E, travel products, Social-Fi, Governance, and various utilities would be possible in the future

  • With only 1 NFT, you can earn while traveling by activating the M2E function

  • With only 1 NFT, you can get the benefits of travel products to make your trip a little more enjoyable

  • With only 1 NFT, you can enjoy Social-Fi through social activity through NFT

  • With only 1 NFT, you will have the voting right within the platform

  • With only 1 NFT, makes it possible to utilize various functions inside AirTnT in the future

Unlike other platforms, rather than performing one function with 1 NFT and performing other functions by minting another NFT, AirTnT NFT-E implements all the above-mentioned functions with 1 NFT, It is designed to provide more convenience and fun for users by providing various functions. The voting system of Most of the platform uses coins in general, but for AirTnT it is expected that the value of NFT-E will be further increased by holding NFT-E to enable Platform Voting within the eco-system.

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