➡️Core Value

AirTnT Core Value

Free to Use

AirTnT is completely free, users can join our social network and use the application without paying any fees.

Service Quality

AirTnT will focus on quality and service control first. For the product models we distribute, the first job in each product stage will be to check the quality and experience the service.

Social Network (Social-Fi)

The application is integrated with a technological social network model, users can easily share their travel experiences and easily connect with other travel experience providers through suggested channels. within. In addition, users can also pack beautiful images during the experience of becoming an NFT and proceed to buy/sell through AirTnT's marketplace.

Easy to Travel

AirTnT will be synced based on the user's location, either with AirTnT's social network. Once synced, users can easily keep track of events happening in their current location and service recommendations in the nearby area, so it's easier for them to plan and sign up for experiences. Travel while going anywhere AirTnT has coverage.

Easy to Pay

We develop and own a separate blockchain wallet platform inside the app. Users can easily pay for any services we deliver with AirTnT cryptocurrency or tokens.

Travel to Earn

AirTnT develops many service segments, with each service segment offering price incentives that are far superior to traditional services. Therefore, when paying with the project's TnT (AirTnT) token, users will receive more incentives and can collect more TnT tokens during the use of the service. In addition, the activities of sharing photos, reviews and interactions on social networks of AirTnT can also easily earn more TnT tokens.

Create to Earn

Creativity to be able to receive rewards is AirTnT's TnT token. Users can register to become a Planner and start creating travel programs in each locality, then AirTnT will test and evaluate the service. If the quality of Planner's programs and services meets the standards, AirTnT will list Planner's programs and release them to users. Since then, every time a customer uses the service, that planner will receive a direct profit from own idea.

Move To Earn

Users can earn TNT tokens through Move-To-Earn if they own NFT-E, a Multi-Function NFT. Also, the higher the level of NFT-E, the greater the amount of mining. For more information, please refer to NFT-E here to check the mining amount for each tier.

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