👞Security Tracker

To give you the best advice and protect you while traveling, we've developed geolocation technology inside the app, where users can get precise advice and suggested choices. appropriate intentions where they go.

We will use GPS, motion sensor and gyroscope to accurately track your activity data. In addition to giving advice, we also integrate AI health monitoring and health hazard warnings, falls, abductions, sos inside the application so that Travelers can have more peace of mind when traveling calendar.

Security Tracker

Users who have purchased travel products on the AirTnT app or have at least 1 TnT token in the AirTnT Wallet can use Security Tracking and SOS Call. When using SOS Call, the phone number of the call will automatically be sent to the hotline and used in times of emergency. SOS calls can be made through the app, and Travaler's location or altitude will also be stored in the hotline.

** If a user is in a location for more than 24 hours, the AirTnT app can trigger an alarm to determine the status or location of the traveler.

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