AirTnT Overview

We create a new revolution in travel data sharing and connect individual suppliers as well as service organizations providing tourism products to the community.
Inspired by AirBNB, AirTnT is a mobile application about travel social network built on WEB3 with the important emphasis on platforms that connect people who need to travel with people who want to share, providing products and services. tourism products (individuals, organizations).
To join AirTnT you just need to download the app and register for an account. Then by interacting and connecting within the app with users and other services through AirTnT's social network, you can easily earn attractive rewards or free tours all over the world.
AirTnT is a Dapp based on NFT-E, which is a multi-function NFT, and all activities are performed through applications using Wallet Service along with Web 3.0.

Multi-Function NFT

Use MF-NFT as a basic base for applications. Functions will be opened sequentially according to the NFT tier, and the rewards will increase as the NFTs of the higher tier are combined. Multi-Function NFT is issued at the same time as the application is opened, and users can enjoy M2E and travel products more conveniently through Multi-Function NFT, and it is designed to participate in Social-Fi and Governance functions at the same time. . Meet the Multi-Function NFT that can be used with various utilities for the first time!

Introducing AirTnT's characters



Maison and May are AirTnT instructors. They will show you how to install and operate the app and how to maximize the use of AirTnT. Maison and May can be assigned as Profiles through Minting for free, it is expected that more and more characters will be guides on your trip.

Pet - Trison

Pet - TenTi

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